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Keith Taylor

Hi Nadia,

Unfortunately, I can’t see the real connections between your uric acid test results, your symptoms, and your longterm plans to stop gout returning.

For example, you ask: “My concern taking Allopurinol is what would I take if I had a gout flareup?”

But does that mean you are worried about uric acid treatment triggering a gout attack? If so, I hope you can understand the principles in: Allopurinol Medication: Why It Hurts To Get Rid Of Gout. Because the important thing to realize is:
Untreated uric acid will cause gout pain that gets increasingly worse. Until it kills you. But uric acid treatment might cause gout pain that gets increasingly less. Until it disappears forever.

As you are being treated for another medical condition, it is inappropriate to suggest what temporary pain relief is best for you. But the medical profession has a vast array of pain relief choices. So, ask your doctor about temporary pain relief that you might need for a few months until allopurinol has removed your risk of gout attacks. At the same time, you should ask about your concerns regarding allopurinol with alectinib. Because, though there is no reported risk in generally available literature, your doctor should have access to professional drug interaction databases.