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Keith Taylor

It’s hard to put exact figures on the crystallization point. Uric acid concentration is one factor. But, it can vary in different points of the body. So, you get an exact result of 555. But, that probably means “around the 540 to 570 range”. And, I’m being deliberately vague, because we never really know the upper and lower values. Then, we have several other factors that affect crystallization. Temperature, blood flow, and mysterious factors that some people have that give them very high crystallization points. So, we don’t know. But, the most likely explanation is, a normal gout flare because your uric acid is still too high.

I realize that’s not at all helpful. But it’s true.

Personally, I just rejoice in the fact that you know you need to get uric acid lower. Other than take pain meds, there’s little else you can do.