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Assuming we use the same units, all your values are great. If febuxostat caused even a little stress to your liver, your ALT should become much greater than your AST which is obviously not happening so as far as I can tell you’ll be able to keep taking this drug without concern for a very long time.

If your problem is indeed gout as your doctor suspects, you’ll have to be patient.
But in the meantime there are drugs you can take to suppress gout symptoms such as colchicine and ibuprofen. You should discuss that with your doctor. Based on your blood test, there is no reason for you to avoid taking more than one drug at the same time (but of course your doctor may be aware of other reasons for you to be especially careful… all I’ve seen is a few numbers!).
If the pain is increasing a lot or your see something wrong with the painful part of your body besides the redness and swelling you can expect to get from gout, do see a doctor just to make sure you aren’t neglecting a completely different problem.

Gout pain should be relieved gradually after starting febuxostat, but that process doesn’t start immediately. What you might notice at this stage is shorter but more frequent painful episodes as well as pain in locations which were rarely painful before you started febuxostat.
Since the blood test confirms the drug is working very well, you can be confident that the cause of gout is being removed from your body. And as long as you keep taking 40mg daily, you can eat whatever you like.
If your pain finally goes away, I recommend waiting a few more months before lowering the amount of febuxostat you take. If on the other hand your pain does not improve by the end of the year, you’ll have to ask your doctor to investigate other disorders.