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Yes, you’ve understood correctly.
People who have deformed hands and feet because of uric acid should see an immediate improvement as uric acid is removed from their body in proportion to the decrease of the level in their blood.
Uric acid should also be in the process of being removed from your body but the amounts are much smaller in your case. Even a very small amount can cause a lot of pain so you may not notice much difference until most of the uric acid has been eliminated. Also, small amounts can be isolated from the blood and persist for a long time. So in your situation the improvement is more in proportion to the duration of the treatment than to the level in the blood.

So far as I know, there is no reason for you to stop febuxostat so yes, keep taking it! Gout patients normally keep taking it for the rest of their lives.
The dosage seems too strong for you so what you might want to do is to switch your dose to 20mg. But the latest recommendations for gout I’ve read say it’s OK to have uric acid that low for a year or so I recommend waiting until the pain has gone away before lowering your dose.
Of course if your doctor ends up finding a completely different problem and decides you never had gout, they’ll tell you to stop taking febuxostat. If you want to quit the drug for any other reason, you should first look into other ways to prevent the amount of uric acid in your blood from going back to 400 or so after you stop taking it.