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Hasan Mahmud

I understood.

Somehow I came to know that after taking febuxstat, pain could be increased. That’s why I have asked whether it is normal.

However, you have given a lot of advises, which seem to me vary rational. I am greatly indebted to you for your consultation. I don’t know where are you from. In my country, doctors are not so co-operative, with few exceptions. They don’t like to hear from patient very much. They provide treatment on traditional way, thinking all patients’ cases are similar. They don’t to think that some cases might be different. I have visited about dozen of doctors during last couple of years due to this pain. None of them treated me properly. Even one doctor, who is a professor of the best medical college of my country, told me to change my shoe, which he believed was cause of my pain, nevertheless, uric acid level was 390+. How funny! I have changed several pairs of shoes, but no improvement. My last doctor seemed to be a good doctor. He advised me to x-ray the joint and gave some tests. After seeing the report, he identified that it is gout arthritis. See, after six years and visiting dozen of doctors I came to know that it is gout. There are many examples of malpractices done by doctors in our country. If you interested, I will tell you one by one. Therefore, I don’t have much trust on doctors of my country. Sorry, told you a lot of negative about my country’s health sector.