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Pain often becomes more frequent after starting febuxostat. That would be normal. But if your pain actually became more intense, that’s not so normal. It’s not a big surprise but it’s not typical.
You are a special case anyway. The way you reduced uric acid is definitely not normal. Most people take a more gentle drug than 40mg febuxostat to begin with. And most gout patients start with more uric acid so they never go as low as 200. This must have created a unusually strong chemical imbalance in many parts of your body. There is research showing that when uric acid is lowered gradually (the opposite of what you did), there is less pain.

I wouldn’t fault the doctors you’ve seen too much. Typically people who have gout test higher than you did. Many doctors around the world would not consider gout when uric acid is under 450.
My uric acid used to be higher and many doctors still wouldn’t consider gout because my uric acid was “normal”. I’ve seen so many mostly clueless and non-cooperative doctors from different countries (all of them Christian countries though) and have been given so many explanations for my joint problems over the years! I was told my shoes were the problem, sure. But I also apparently have several different bone deformations not to mention nervous problems. Even my veins/arteries were supposed to be diseased at one point.
I don’t doubt that medical malpractice is a problem in your country. But when it comes to gout, medical malpractice is everywhere.