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Keith Taylor

Hi Chetan,

You posted via my old gout forum. The GoutPal Helpdesk team posted your message here. They’ll be in touch with you about how you can post here yourself.

You definitely have gout. Your first gout attack can be extremely worrying. I’m here to share your worries. A gout attack needs much more than “indomethacin (3 times) for two days”.

Gout Pain Control
Indomethacin is a good component of a gout pain therapy combination. But it only works by itself for mild gout flares.

Normally, I suggest colchicine as the first part of the combination. But, you are probably too late for this. Discuss it with your doctor, if you have to see him again about your gout.

Indomethacin for severe gout pain should be maximum strength. You can take indomethacin, ibuprofen, or any NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug). But, never mix them. Usually gout attacks resolve in 3 to 5 days. 7 days is not unusual. Prescription strength anti-inflammatories should help you get mobile quicker. In my experience, gout pain resolves quicker if you stay active, with gentle exercise.

With severe gout attacks, you can get residual pain, even with maximum strength NSAIDs. If you have residual pain 2 hours after an NSAID dose, you should consider support from a compatible drug that blocks pain. Usually, this is acetaminophen/paracetamol. But, you must ask your doctor what is suitable for you. Be sure to tell them about all medicines you take (including herbal medicines). You want a compatible pain killer at maximum strength, which is safe in combination with other meds.

If you are not sure about your best way to control gout pain, please ask for clarification.

Vegetarian Gout
Vegetarians, statistically, have the lowest risk of gout. But, you can still get gout. Because, your body turns the plants that you eat into meat (your flesh). That’s where most uric acid comes from. If your body cannot deal with uric acid, you get gout.

If you have an unhealthy vegetarian diet, you might be able to improve it. But, it’s most likely that you will need uric acid lowering medicine. How do you feel about that?