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Christopher Husada

Thanks for the clarity of the issue, actually I feel better now. What you said is true, my actual target SUA before the initiation of ULT is below 4, and my schedule for another lab test is this Saturday, hopefully the result shows me that I got lower than the last result (below 6, or better below 5).
another question:
1). If I take one 0.5mg Colchicine/day for, say 1-2 months, is it advisable? just for prophylaxis. It’s just I want to prevent another attack coming while i’m on ULT

2). I read somewhere and base on my last doctor told me before, that while i’m on 300mg of allopurinol, lab test should be at least once per 30 days (1 month) to really know whether the 300mg dose works or not. Can anyone elaborate?

3). And lastly, this is just another personal hypothesis, if I got the next lab test a much lower SUA than before, and if I got another flare not long after that, than can I assume that this is the real application of the “old crystal dissolving” theory?