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Hi Christopher, as most of your questions have been addressed by nobody I won’t get into details however I wanted to re-assure you that what you are experiencing is exactly what I am experiencing.

It has been almost 8 weeks since this attack started. My first attack was when starting 200mgs of allopurinol which settled within a few days I then started 300mgs to drop my UA further and I got hit with the big attack, that settled after about 3-4 weeks but I still had lingeriung pain and it seemed I was going through gout hell (search this site for information on that) the moment I then started 400mgs to attempt getting out of gout hell and the pain has slowly been getting better and better. I still am feeling residual pain and am due a further blood test to see my results on 400mgs. I should have the results for that in a week.

100mgs allopurinol took me to 555
200mgs allopurinol took me to 388
300mgs allopurinol took me to 33k
400mgs allopurinol not yet known.

Be tough, I know exactly what your going through and I hope the above helps.