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Christopher Husada

Gout Flares during Urate Lowering Therapy

I’m 22 years old. I’m from Indonesia. I read the article in this site about why it’s painful during gout lowering treatment. I’ve been having gout since 2011, it’s been going on for 5 years I left my gout untreated. Until march 2017 I decided to fully treat my gout. I lowered my SUA level from 9.5 to 6. Last time I check, april 18th 2017, my SUA is 6. By the time i’m writing this, the date is May 14th 2017. So, my ULT been going on approximately 2 and a half months.

I understand that during lowering treatment, we might have caught another flares-up, sometimes in places that never been attacked before. In just 2 months since I took 300mg of allopurinol continuously until today, I got series of flares, 4-5 times. For 2 months I haven’t been able to walk like a normal person (the only near-normal-condition is half limping). Every time I got flares, I took NSAID (90mg of Arcoxia – Etoricoxib) and 0.5 mg of Colchicine. I took Colchicine daily for prophylaxis. What I’ve been meaning to ask is: is this really normal? if so, why? Mr. Keith Taylor said if it hurts, then it’s working (old crystal dissolving)….but now I have a lot of doubt whether it is feasible or not, because whenever I nearly recover, the next week I got another flare, so that I can’t enjoy days like a normal person would.

I haven’t seen a rheumatologist before. Please anyone help me, i need some answers. This is another useful information i wanna share to help diagnose what’s best for my condition:
Flare location is in my left foot, the tophi (pain spot) is in my subtalar joint between my calcanaeus heel and talus bones. In my right foot, the spot is rather on top of my foot, and inner side. Neither big toe’s are harm (i never experienced pain in that area). Is gout relatable with muscle trauma? because once before i have gout, i did running, karate, and other exercise that uses both of my pain spot.