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d q

Whilst not Homeopathy in the respect of the required components, he is suggesting not to use pharmaceuticals and instead buy this “Calkaline” alternative.

Yes, my gout is due to an increased rate of red cell production. The technicalities are out of the scope of this thread.

I have no particular reason to trust this site neither do I suggest trusting these sites especially since it promotes the selling of a product (or an on other sites) but it seems one can Alkalise their diet at home eliminating the need to purchase he’s product. I too question some of the information on the site and even emailed him but the interest (more so the curiosity) was to know if anyone has actually tried substituting water with alkalised water on a long term basis and seen progress in a way that can be a substitute to common UA lowering drugs.

The very reason I raised this post here was for us to question the possibility.
Has anyone got research articles or documentation as to whenever its been tried?
Is the replacement Alkaline water approach (not baking soda) safe / feasible?