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Original post by Johan

Midfoot Gout Problems

So People,
Had to visit a top foot specialist in South Africa this week.
Reason was the severe pain inside the top of my right midfoot.
Now, this has been ongoing for most of my adult life – am turning 62 soon.
Even this extremely experienced gentleman did not have an explanation of why the cartilage in this area has disappeared or why there are holes in my cartilage.
All I can say is that I had suffered from gout in this foot in all its forms for years.
Fourteen years ago(cannot believe it was that long) I was infected with an Aureus virus from a doctor’s injection for the start of a gout attack. Fortunately, I survived that incident. But it destroyed a lot of the tissue in the area and caused damage to the cartilages.
So now I am destined for foot surgery with a painful recovery period of at least 6 months. It is also a very expensive procedure. Don’t even mention the word uncomfortable. Just Google midfoot surgery on Youtube. You’ll probably faint.
The reason why I mention all of this is to warn you against the probable long-term consequences of gout attacks which our doctors conveniently forget to inform us off.
ANY infection of ANY sort between two joints must be considered the same as you would view a heart attack.
Please don’t play around with uric acid levels and such. Later in your life, you just might regret the decisions you made when you were young.

Regards All,