Reply To: Probenecid questions

Keith Taylor

I’ve discussed the combination of allopurinol and probenecid with other gout sufferers. It’s a great combination for some gout patients. There are some important factors to consider, but before I ask about those, there is a much more vital question I have to ask:

What are your uric acid levels?

Have you have had a gout flare soon after changing your gout medications? It is much more likely to be a sign that your treatment is working better. But, I don’t want to waste your time discussing percentages. Please post your latest uric acid test results. That is most important. If you have time, I can also help you better with more information about:
How long have you had gout?
When did you start allopurinol?
History of allopurinol doses
History of gout flares

In general Linda, the more information you can give me about your gout history, the better I can help you.

Probenecid with allopurinol can be a lifesaver or a waste of time. It depends on you.