Reply To: Probenecid questions

Gout Patient

Just had a new UA and it’s 4.0! I am thrilled. Went out and had a little steak 🙂 Bad, I know, but it’s been so long and I think I have a cushion now. My doc is thinking of moving me completely to Probenecid as it worked faster in bringing down my levels, doesn’t cause a rash, and hopefully won’t make more of my hair fall out!!! I guess I am an undersecreter more than an over producer. Or both..who knows?

Am having other orthopedic problems now and am up to 40mg prednisone daily. He’s sending me for MRIs on Friday to see if the current problem is mechanical or inflammatory. All my lab work is remarkable in its ‘unremarkableness’, unfortunately. But, with all the sterioids, I feel fantastic! Too bad I have to start tapering….