Reply To: Probenecid questions

GoutPal Victim

I’m 69 with a heart condition (diuretics, beta blockers, low EF, etc). In the last year, I’ve had my first and only two “minor” (?) flairs of gout. Somewhat uncomfortable, but I could still walk, etc. Absolutely nothing like the one time I had kidney stones. Straight Colchicine seems to have resolved both issues after (only?) 3 doses. My uric acid level is 9.1. I don’t eat organ meat, but do like shrimp and probably over use bourbon. Beer and wine I can usually pass on although I think my ‘second bout’ of gout was a result of one night with too much merlot. Saw my GP last week. He ordered Colchicine-Probenecid twice a day basically for the rest of my life. My Medicare Rx insurer just somehow automatically sent me a 90 day supply. And charged my credit card $175 freakin dollars!!!

So why didn’t I get, if anything, Allopurinol which is $14 a month without insurance at Walmart? Maybe if I’m really need to be cautious, I need more of a gout specialist than my GP. Any suggestions on a specialist? Anyone interested in some fresh, factory sealed Colchicine-Probenecid tablets (500-.5MG Tab)?