Reply To: Probenecid questions

Keith Taylor

“The new GP is not a fan of blood tests and believes in bog standard 300mg dose Allopurinil to fix gout.” That’s madness. A serious breach of the Hippocratic Oath!

Anyway, it sounds like you are managing OK despite him. Certainly, at 0.33 you should be debulking uric acid crystals slowly. For USA readers, 0.33mmol/L uric acid converts to 5.55mg/dL.

Neil, it’s terrible news about the plans to introduce blood test charges in Oz. Blood tests are vital for safe gout management. I’d go so far to say, it’s a lottery without the test. All gout sufferers need to know accurate uric acid levels. But, everybody on the planet needs to know liver function and kidney function is OK.

Only this morning, I was thinking about ways I might help raise awareness and funding. Do you know if there is anything similar in Australia, Neil?

And to readers from other countries, what is the situation where you live? In the UK, testing is free to everyone regardless of income. I think this is a basic human right that everyone on the planet should have.

Anyway, Neil, this topic is about you, so I’m pleased to see you are recovering. I can’t wait to see you go 6 months without a flare.


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