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Will Hei

Hi nobody?

Is that your nickname?. Thanks for the reply, I have only been trying to control my diet. Limit amount of red meat once a week, reduce the amount of meat generally, no alcohol whatsoever, eating more vegetables, fruits, cherries, etc.

I am pretty sure my home test machine always shows a higher reading, I have compared it with lab results and have also tested it on my friends who have all shown a marginally high reading but all their blood tests have shown normal U/A. I still use the home test kit because the readings are still consistent.

Regardless, I do agree with you that the UA is still higher than it should be and probably has been for the past year or so.

My plan now is to get back onto allopurinol once this episode is over, but my concern is that it has been almost 5 weeks and still no sign of easing… in fact it is getting worse as it is now affecting both of my feet and cannot actually walk.

I still have come colchicine in the cupboard, however this is from 2015… and if I remember correctly I started getting diarrhoea and the doctor has asked me to stop taking it, since then, I’ve only had naproxen.