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Will Hei

Just providing a bit of an update.

I’ve contacted my doctor who has now prescribed me a 5-day course of Prednisolone (35mg per day), which is a steroid based drug. I have noticed very slow improvements whilst on the drug.

Interestingly, I have been checking my UA every day for the past 3 weeks and my UA was going down whilst on the Prednisolone (around 1-1.5 mg/dL and almost 2units lower by the end of the course)… However the day after I finished my course the pain shot back up and so did the UA.

I thought the Prednisolone was only a immune system suppressant but didn’t think it lowers the UA as well?. If that is the case there is probably an argument to start the allopurinol as dropping the UA didn’t really send the flare up into overdrive. But the doctor did advise not to start the allopurinol until at least 2-3 weeks clear of the flare up.

I am going to see the dr again tomorrow and see what the best course of action is and wether I could get a longer course of the Prednisolone.