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Gout Hot or Cold

Over the last 3 years / 3 gout attacks I have noticed two have come in the Summer and one has come after starting Allopurinol. Putting the Allopurinol attack to one side for obvious reasons I was wondering when you statistically experienced your attacks more often. I have tried to forcefully believe that colder temperatures are generally a recipe for an attack but from my experience, it seems as if this is definitely not the case. This has got me thinking “Why are my attacks always in summer”. I came up with the following possible findings and was wondering if you believe they merit further investigation/study?

My Experience Approach:
The heat in the foot causes expansion which results in either;
a) crystals being pressured into breaking free causing an attack.
b) the general build-up of temperature inside the foot liquefies or scales down crystals dislodging themselves or others nearby (think polar ice caps).
c) frequent perspiration causes dehydration which increases UA concentration.
d) longer days which results in more exertion on joints

Possible Scientific Approach:

a) The heat in the summer causes additional perspiration all over the body including the feet. The perspiration causes a drop of magnesium which helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Now, as a result, this keeps the blood moving smoothly around the circulatory system until the body can expel uric acid. A little more information can be found here.

b) Cherries and Tomatoes* are more abundant and people consume more of them during these months causing a potential down shit in Uric Acid levels which would naturally dissolve fragile crystals in the joints.

Now, these are just my findings during my experiences. As it stands I am beginning to believe winter is actually a better time for me however I am in total agreement that UA should be constantly monitored and controlled.

I’d also like to hear what the general website visitors experiences are.


*Some say these increase Uric Acid levels, however.