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Hey dq, buddy. Sorry I haven’t been around much. Summer in Los Angeles is a bear, and with wildfires burning all over the state, our Fire Department has been bouncing around all over. At one point, didn’t see the wife and kids for 11 days!!!

Anyway, back to the quetion. I have had major flare ups in both summer and winter. It didn’t matter. 2 of my biggest flare ups were in Summer, and 1 major one was in the dead of winter. I’m not really sure what the scientific correlation is, but I have some theories, at least as it pertains to me personally.

In summer, hydration is key. I find myself drinking tons of water, especially during fire season. BUT…I found when I didn’t stay hydrated, I would get an attack. In LA, it can easily top 100 degrees for weeks. It is imperitive to stay hydrated. That is one aspect. Another….summer is a time for more outdoor activities, which leads to bad eating and drinking habits. Again, me personally, not you per se.

But I also have a winter home in the mountains. I love to snowboard and have been in temps well below freezing and I never found a link between cold extremities and Gout, even though Keith has mentioned this before. I do know that your bodies metabolism slows when the weather is colder, but I haven’t really read up on the link between cold and Gout. I used to sleep with socks on in the winter to prevent my feet from being cold and hopefully preventing attacks. Not sure if it actually helped though.

All I know is before I controlled my Uric Acid with Allopurinol, I was so hyperconcerned about preventing attacks that it didn’t matter where I was, or when it was. I just was really prepared for it. Hope all is well.