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Keith Taylor

Hi Dave,
Thanks for sharing your experiences about your gout with diuretics for high blood pressure.

I can’t say I agree with just stopping blood pressure meds. We’ve had lots of discussions about blood pressure and gout over the years. Recently, one GoutPal member reported that his gout was cured after changing from one BP pill, to a different one.

That’s the right thing to do – changing, not stopping. We know that there are some BP meds that increase uric acid for some people. Others decrease uric acid for some people, and there are also some that have no effect on uric acid.

Your doctor prescribes blood pressure pills for a reason, so simply stopping them isn’t wise. Dave, I really hope that you can discuss this with your doctor. Hopefully, you will become one of the people who cures gout completely, just by getting better blood pressure pills. The main thing is to be safe, and if I can help with that in any way, all you have to do is ask.

As for other meds, the same safety rules apply. If you cannot avoid a drug that raises uric acid, it is very easy to balance the effects with allopurinol. It is vital that you discuss these issues with your doctor. For a starting point about some of the meds that can cause gout, please see Beware Gout Cures You Do Not Need. The opposite of that are medicines for other diseases that help gout.