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Keith Taylor

As you say, Whitney, it sure sounds like gout.

Is NP a Nurse Practitioner? In any case, I’ve got to assume if they diagnosed gout, then that is what it is. A rheumatologist might do more tests to get a clearer diagnosis. Let’s assume it’s gout for now, until we have more facts.

Uric acid level of 3.7 (presumably mg/dL) doesn’t support a gout diagnosis. But, 0.37mmol/L does. Could your test results be mmol/L? It’s unusual for USA, as all United States test results I’ve seen have been mg/dL. But, I’ve seen other scales in some USA gout studies, so might things be changing?

For now, I think the best thing is to try get hold of any previous uric acid test results. If you can get them, please post dates and exact numbers with the scale.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful, but that 3.7 is outside my experience. I cannot see any explanation for it. 5.7mg/dL, yes that’s gout. 4.7, maybe. But, 3.7? How!???