Reply To: Serious gout pain in foot

Keith Taylor

Chris, it is all down to your uric acid level. I would never settle for OK. Uric acid is either safe or it isn’t.

If it has been consistently lower than 5mg/dL for the five years you’ve been taking allopurinol then you are safe. Are you in the UK, Chris? If so, the scale will be different. You are looking for a max of 0.30mmol/L.

If your doctor is one of the tiny minority that understands that, then you should be seeing a radiologist/rheumatologist to investigate the real problem. Personally, my money is on bad uric acid control. That might be because I’m gout-fixated. Or, it might be because I’m right.

Easy to tell with the uric acid test result numbers.

Uric Acid Crystals

I feel there is an awful lot drs don’t know about gout and there is more to it than just the crystals tearing into your soft cartridges .

Uric acid crystals do NOT tear into anything. They are too small, and their shape is a red-herring. Gout pain is caused by an immune reaction.

Joint damage from gout is a different process. Our bodies are designed to wear out. We grow new cells all the time to grow and to repair the natural damage. In our joints, specialist cells grow to replace damaged bone, cartilage, tendon, etc. Like little babies, they grow to become important parts of our skeleton and connective tissues. Except, when uric acid crystals are around, those little babies die. Very sad 😥

Something should be done about it.