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Keith Taylor

Hi Rebecca,

Working backward through your points:

Colchicine For Gout

I’ve added a few notes to Colchicine For Gout about stopping and restarting preventative colchicine.

Fundamentally, it’s all about your perception of risk. Also, highly dependent on when was your last gout attack, and when did you last have uric acid above 5mg/dL. Because the longer those two periods are, the less chance you have of getting a gout attack. So, if you are worried, and had no problems with colchicine in the past then you should be OK. But, as with most aspects of practical gout management – the devil is in the detail.

As regards your other points:
Exercise and Gout
I don’t know what ‘water walking’ is. But did you read our recent discussion about exercise and gout? Because, as you can see, opinions differ.

I’m not aware of any gout issues regarding calcium (except for pseudo gout, of course). But, this high calcium foods list might be useful to you. It is presented starting with foods in order of highest calcium per 100 calories. But, you can sort and search however you like.

Vegan Gout Diet
As for vegan diets for gout, that’s a huge topic, unless I’m over-complicating it. Because we don’t actually know why common vegan diets are bad for gout. So, all I can assume is, it’s due to one or more of the common vegan diet deficiencies:

  • Polyunsaturated Fats, especially EPA, DHA, and ALA. I think this is very relevant to gout. But, I haven’t got my research to a point where I can suggest any practical advice.
  • Vitamin D – not likely to be a problem on a beach vacation!
  • Iron – lower than usual iron could be good for gout sufferers. But requires a competent doctor to assess all the issues associated with low iron.
  • Vitamin B-12 – I’ve not started investigating the relationship to gout yet.
  • Zinc – also not started investigating. But, it’s been mentioned in the forums, without any real analysis with respect to gout.

So, I’d say, whatever you are doing in the UK to avoid these common vegan diet issues should be transferable to Turkey. But, check customs regulations first regarding importing supplements, if you take any. As for potential gout affects, it’s probably not an issue if your allopurinol is still keeping your uric acid safe.