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Rebecca Nahid

Thank you very much to both of you for your detailed answers. sorry I didn’t explain my exercise very well water walking is just that walking in the swimming pool, normally in the shallow End working up to walking in the slightly deeper end the water takes the way so I presume it will be good for any sort of foot or leg injury.

Personally I think the vegan diet being bad for gout one of the aspects is vegans who do don’t supplement and don’t get enough calcium I’ve seen vegans are go to restaurants and a happy just to have a plate of chips or salad I do take a multivitamin supplement the dairy-free milk I take is fortified with calcium and all my blood test shows that I am not deficient in anything.

I will have no trouble getting them through customs have been taking multivitamins for the last 7 years and going on holiday to different parts of the world you should see the stuff my mum takes in her mini suitcase it’s like a drugs cabinet lol the main thing that worries me is the heat I don’t think my uric acid has ever been that high.