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Rebecca Nahid

My Vacation Plan for Colchicine, Diet, and Exercise

Just wanted to run this by you all I’m off to Turkey on Friday for 10 days looking forward to it staying at an all-inclusive hotel. I visited Turkey many times before so I know that the hotels don’t tend to offer much in the way of soya products for my vegan diet for dairy free cheese etc I would eat plenty of beans chickpeas hummus fresh fruits and salads from the hotel buffet

I will also buy some dairy-free milk that they do sell on the supermarket to keep my calcium levels good. Exercise Wise I’m not planning on anything strenuous and can’t swim at the moment but I’m planning on doing water walking do you think that will be beneficial and not harm my gout?

Also I plan to take a preventative dose of colchicine as really do not want gout to flare up do you think this is a good idea thank you 🙂