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People have naturally talked about colchicine here. It’s by far the oldest gout medicine after all! It is not an alternative to allopurinol however. And the side effects of prolonged use are rather serious… colchicine is certainly not a drug you should take for years on end like allopurinol.
Gout does cause damage over the years if it’s not prevented so it’s unfortunate your doctor hasn’t insisted on allopurinol earlier.
The main alternatives to allopurinol are: lifestyle/diet changes and another drug called febuxostat. There’s also a class of drugs called uricosurics as well some herbal compounds and compounds found in common foods which are generally less effective. Finally, there’s a very powerful and expensive drug which is injected in the bloodstream. All in all, allpurinol isn’t a bad choice in most cases. There’s a genetic test to prevent bad reactions you can take if you have East Asian ancestry.
The point of allopurinol and its alternatives is to reduce the amount of uric acid in your body. Colchicine doesn’t do this. Uric acid is routinely measured and knowing the test results is helpful in narrowing down the best options for a particular gout sufferer.
Good luck!