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Your ankle problem affected a more extensive area than mine. You seem to have had more swelling but less pain in response to pressure. Possibly someone who had more uric acid than I did (my tests were never anywhere near 600) would find your description more familiar.
With a test reading as high as yours and gout in your family, it certainly ought to be suspected in any joint pain.

The interaction between uric acid in the blood and gout is complicated.
When you go from being symptom-free to experiencing serious gouty inflammation, the immune system can contribute to uric acid going out of solution. This could turn into a bit of a chain reaction and the process can end up significantly lowering the amount of uric acid in the blood. Likewise, the blood of people who never had gout can sustain more uric acid in solution.
On the other hand, if the gout flareup is caused by a largish deposit of uric acid being activated, dissolved uric acid may cause the amount in the blood to rise.