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Keith Taylor

Thanks Regina, for your uric acid blood test results. They answer your headline question – yes, you do have gout. More than that, your blood pressure medication (amiloride hydrochlorothiazide 5/50) is probably the cause. Or, at least a major factor. It’s a pity your doctor is showing such ignorance of gout. But, maybe we can train her.

I’m hoping you’re experiencing no side effects with allopurinol. Professional recommendations are to start with 50 or 100mg per day. Then, increase inline with blood test results. I’m pleased to see you are getting another blood test after two weeks. That’s the perfect interval for allopurinol dose adjustment.

Hopefully, your uric acid will be safely below 5mg/dL soon. And, in the meantime, it’s good that you seem to have effective gout pain control. Once uric acid is safely below 5mg/dL, gout attacks will stop after a few weeks or months. Every gout patient has a different gout recovery time. But, the good news is that you are on the road to recovery.

Gout diet isn’t really an issue. But, if you are concerned, I can give you more feedback. It’s all about balancing your total diet in a healthy, gout-friendly way. Individual foods are only important once we’ve analyzed total diet.

What I’ve written here might raise other questions for you, Regina. Please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification of anything I write. And, please continue to post updates about your uric acid test results, and gout symptoms. I think you are well on the road to recovery. It will make me very happy when you can confirm that you are fully recovered from gout.

Incidentally, you don’t say what your replacement blood pressure medication is. Less of an issue if allopurinol is effective. I’m just nosy!