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Calum Connor

Do i have Gout? Not 100% convinced!

Hi All,

Last month i woke up with a severely swollen left ankle, which was that painful that i couldn’t bare any weight on it.
I had worked 5×12 hour shifts(the days leading up to the incident) but i couldn’t remember going over on my ankle or being in pain the day before, which left me confused to why i woke up in such pain. I was literally having to crawl to get around my house.
The swelling was in my tendons around my ankle rather than in the joints which made me think that gout was out of the question.
I tried treating my ankle like it was a sprain, using the P.R.I.C.E method (Protection, Rest, Ice, Compressions and Elevation) and also taking pain killers and ibuprofen to bring down the swelling. Eventually after several days the swelling subsided but then after a few days at work the pain and swelling was back.

I went to see my doctors about it and he recommended that i have a blood test to check my Uric Acid level, although he did mention that i need to wait until the pain and swelling had completely gone. Due to it starting to affect my work and me needing answers, i ended up going for a blood test last Tuesday when i was still limping around in pain. My results came back today and my Uric Acid level was nearly 600umol/L. My doctor is suggesting that i have gout, but i am not fully convinced as i have no redness to the swelling and also it feels like it is more in my tendons around my ankle rather than in my joints.

Please if anyone can help it will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,