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Original post from Regina:

Do I have Gout in my Big Toe?

I was going to contact my doctor regarding swelling and pain on my big toe base. I saw this forum and was wondering if it is Gout. I am not sure as the way it started.

Two nights ago, I slightly woke up and my big toe on my right foot felt like it was jammed. So I cracked it by extending (I think) I felt a snap and pain for a moment. I went back to sleep and about an hour later it started to have more pain.

I saw what I thought was a bruise around the base of the big toe on the top, along with slight swelling. I went to work and the foot started to swell in my shoe. Last night I took pictures and took more Tylenol. The Tylenol helps at least during that time. I went to bed and pretty much slept through the whole night. Yes with a blanket on me.

This morning I woke up and the swelling was worse, along with the pain. Tylenol is not helping much. The outside of the foot/big toe at the joint is more swollen along with shiny redness. Went to work and could barely walk in my shoes. If I walked on the outside of the foot I can limp along.

Came home and put ice on the foot/big toe and it seemed to make the pain worse. In the shower, I can use the shower head close to my foot with warm/hot water and there is a lot of relief. The so-called bruising that I saw earlier is gone, can’t see it now. Also, if I elevate my foot for a while most of the pain goes away.

Took a Vicodin and the pain is pretty much gone. I am now three nights into this and have two sets of pictures, including my left foot next to it. Any ideas? Gout hasn’t been a part of the history of our family.

The true question is, do to the circumstances – popping/cracking my big toe joint, is this maybe the build up of the uric acid and even though I had relief at the moment, that it was Gout after all?

Appreciating any suggestions, help. thank you, ~Regina