Reply To: uric acid and iron overload

Keith Taylor

Hi NickC,

You have helped turn gout and iron back into the latest hot topic for me.

I’ve still got some reviewing and summarizing to do, but I’ve collected most of the facts and discussions together now.

For me, your blood test results are a fascinating addition to this. But at the moment, I know very little about managing iron levels. I’m going to work out what those 4 different results mean, and try get it all in context.

From what I’ve seen so far, I think reducing serum ferritin to 100 has a significant positive effect on uric acid. At least, in some cases.

You’re the second person to mention wheat grass. It’s been suggested that this is the best chelator. That’s another important aspect iron management that I need to learn a lot about.

I can’t thank you enough for the information you’ve already given. I hope I can squeeze more facts and insight from you, in the form of comments at Improving Gout & Iron Guidelines.