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Home Uric Acid Testing continues

So week 2 of the testing. With the knowledge that
UA levels can fluctuate even throughout the day,
and given the advice that the best time to
test is in the morning on an empty stomach,
that is what I did today.

I actually had some slight gout pains in my
right toe and ankle… it “felt” like I
was very acidic this morning.

But the results showed otherwise.

Actually, I had a bit of trouble
with the tester and it was a good
experience to see how to best
use it and the variance it can

When I used the tester last week,
it seemed like I did it perfectly.
I put one drop on the tester and
squeezed a bit more blood and it
filled up the testing strip area
perfectly without overflowing.

This week, I put a drop of blood
on but it only covered about half
the area, and I think my finger
was at a weird angle to it. By
the time I tried to reposition it,
seconds were ticking by and I thought:
eh, just leave it.

And the result was a 4.4. I thought
that has to be way too low.

So then I redid the test with a new
strip and a new prick of a different

This time I made sure to position myself
well and squeezed a good amount before
dabbing the strip. This time it
filled up the strip completely and
actually was more than the previous
week. It seemed like I erred slightly
on the side of too much blood.

But the result was a 6.0… down from
7.7, which is a big improvement. I
have to think the result was fairly
accurate as far as the blood, but
also that doing it in the morning
probably made a big difference in
the score.

In any case, I’m in a good mood
about my improved score.