Reply To: Uric Acid Kidney Stone


Please note that I have kidney hydronephrosys with one kidney bulky and other one shrunken but both contributing 100% fliteration with 75 + 25

my S.creatine is ~1.2 since 10 years
BUN is in normal range

I am not sure taking allopurinol 100 mg per day will have any impact on my kidney health..I drink lot of water and was exercising regularly before the current attack..

My uric acid after reaching < 5 , now I reduced Zyloric 100mg one per day, before this I took 200mg per day for ~ 15 days when the level was 5.6 My dilemma is current attack is because of uric acid or some thing else... after the uric acid level reduced to 5, I was feeling 70% better than earlier, but it was continue to poke with small poking pain but was making internal injury, last was repeated on my right shoulder just before taking pro Medrol 120 mg as per my rheumatologist advice and he is also confused and doubting whether any other issue? I may need to wait for some more time as now my inflammation , pains are reduced except weakness. Looking for your kind advise further... Thanks Srinivas