Reply To: Uric Acid Kidney Stone


Further update, now it is more than a week after taking depo Medrol 120 mg injection. no major pains , swelling or inflammation observed. But some times feels very light muscle pains in hands but comes and goes. started excercising, even though the knees are not quiet stable, but walked for ~ 2.5 to 3kms as part of it. Did station cycling for 10 mins.

After reducing allopurinol from 200 mg to 100mg per day, uric acid again raised from 5.6 to 6 now
my creatinine 1.12, eGFR 71

still I am dieting and not taking much protein and lot reduced animal protein and took may be 50 grams chicken for whole week.

Not willing to take further steroid… going to meet my phycian today, ASO test results yet to come.