Reply To: Uric Acid Kidney Stone

Keith Taylor

Thank you for lots of information. There is one important fact missing: when did you first start with gout symptoms?

I’m guessing it was several years ago. So, you have to accept that it will take several months to dissolve old uric acid crystals. Until most of your old crystals dissolve, you are at risk of gout attacks. You need pain control for at least six months.

Also, I strongly recommend increasing your allopurinol dose. Make sure your kidney function is OK. You seem to be OK with 200mg per day allopurinol. Take this, but go to your doctor after 2 weeks to get blood tests. You need uric acid, kidney function, and liver function tests.

You should also consider further increases of allopurinol. This will shorten the period you are at risk from gout attacks. That is because lower uric acid levels cause old crystals to dissolve faster. Be very careful with this, as you have kidney problems. Increase dose gradually, and always get the 3 blood tests I mention – uric acid, kidney function, and liver function.

You will find that gout attacks become less frequent and less painful. In a few months, when most uric acid crystals have dissolved, you will be free from gout pain.