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Pete’s Uric Acid Home Test Meter Diary

Hi, seems a great site thanks.
I`m a 48 year old male and had my first Gout attack about 2 years ago. I hoped it was a one-off and did little about it. I have had 2 (and now a lesser 3rd) attacks in the last 6 months. Have been to see doctor re allopurinol and he was reluctant,saying that was only indicated for more than 4 attacks a year and advised weight loss, healthy diet, stopping smoking and reducing blood pressure (I have recently (2 months) started Amlodipine 5mg which he increased to 10mg daily. He only reluctantly agreed to uric acid blood test.
Have bought a home test meter with a view to trying to assess my own dietry issues having read so many conflicting things online. So far have had readings from 5.4 to 10.9 (over 3 days) although have just re-read the small print and have taken ascorbic acid 1000mg a few times which may apparently affect results (discard these then). I intend to leave it a few days then try to get accurate readings again. Can I use readings before and after eating to compare different foods and alcohol even? ie base reading, eat, then another reading say 90mins later?