Reply To: Vegan diet for gout

Keith Taylor

There’s no evidence to suggest that purines in spinach, or any other vegetable, convert to uric acid.

The gout will get worse until you get uric acid to safe levels. After spreading to all joints, uric acid crystals start to damage skin, kidneys, heart, and other organs. I’m sure it’s hard to get medical care when you’re on the road. But, it’s very important to tackle gout before it becomes even more dangerous.

Urgent care facilities don’t seem very good for gout, from what I’ve heard. They can help control the pain. But, unless you control uric acid, the attacks will continue, and get worse. It’s pointless hoping that random diet changes will make any difference. You have to measure the effects of diet changes on uric acid levels. There are walk-in labs for blood tests. Is that an option, David?