Reply To: Vegan diet for gout

Keith Taylor

I appreciate your views David.

Food as medicine is very important to me. Or, I should say that healthy eating should mean less medicine. For me, less medicine means that I still rely on certain pharmaceuticals. But less medicine can also mean no medicine at all. It’s a personal view.

I’ve been a firm believer in the value of alkaline diet for many years. I have not felt the need to test the effects of this, though I might start doing so soon. I believe, if I test my urine, I can probably give better quality advice about the value of alkaline diet for gout. It’s less important to me personally, because I’m happy to control my uric acid with allopurinol. But, for other gout sufferers, who want to rely on diet, alkalizing food, in a calorie controlled diet, is the best start.

I know that baking soda has some advantages in this regard. But, I cannot accept that it is a food. It is a chemical that is needed for some baking processes. But, it’s been shown that baking soda can be dangerous for gout sufferers. The main problem seems to be that baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Excess sodium is a well known problem for heart and related problems. If you are going to use chemicals, then potassium salts might be safer. But, that needs to be checked by your heart specialist. Personally, I prefer to use food sources.

Protein is always acid producing in the body. But we need it, and protein is good for gout. So protein has to be balanced. A healthy diet must include sufficient potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Those 3 minerals are best for alkalizing the body. I think they should come from food rather than chemical additives. So, on my healthy eating website, I published these lists:

As you can see, spinach is top of the first two lists, and third in the other. It’s also a good protein source, as are asparagus and broccoli.

Rapid weight loss can trigger gout attacks. That might be gout attacks from raised uric acid from your flesh loss. Or, it might be gout attacks from old crystals dissolving because your uric acid is lower. You can only judge why if you know your uric acid levels before, during, and after the rapid weight loss period.

Less weight always means a reduced risk of future gout attacks. But, specific personal numbers are important. The only general fact is that lower weight is good, so long as you are not medically underweight. Underweight might be good for gout, but bad for other health problems. It is usually best to lose weight gradually. But, if you have had rapid weight loss that has contributed to gout, it’s in the past now. So, no point in worrying about it.

Any gout problems from fructose are those from food additives. If you’re following Forks over Knives, your whole food diet should not contain such additives. If you personally feel you are consuming too much fruit, then replace some of it with lower fructose fruit or veg. NutritionData has a useful list of high fructose foods. If you want me to provide a better list, just ask.