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Chris Starkey

I am in the UK Keith so that would be good for me.
The tester is just for my own curiosity really. When I had a blood test at the doctors during an attack a while ago my level was very low & she said it normally is during an attack as all the acid is crystallised – so I’m not really sure the readings are that much use as a one off, but if they are taken regularly you can get a picture overall of your levels.
I went to see a specialist last September to ask his advice about exercising during ‘attacks’ and had a blood test then but have heard nothing back so assume everything is OK.
Although I am taking febuxostat every day and generally my gout is under control & no major attacks, I still get pain in my hips & ankles & other joints and am trying to work out if that is gout or just old age!(I’m 56) but with regular tests I could see if my uric acid levels are changing or staying the same & this might answer my question.
He said exercise was good by the way and I’m doing a lot now – which seems to be helping as well. I just didn’t want to wear away my joints with acid crystals!

You are quite correct about febuxostat & liver & kidney tests – after a doctor prescribed it for me as an alternative to allopurinol (which didn’t seem to work for me – although I don’t think I gave it long enough to settle down) she phoned me on a Sunday after 6 months to say I should stop taking it because she didn’t realise I should have had a liver & kidney test to see if it had affected me! Luckily I was due one the next day & everything was good.

I am still looking for a doctor who has gout to get their take on it!