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I have a home tester and I check it almost every day. I have found that taking it right when I wake up is the most consistent. If you do hard exercise it can get quite high, but then come down in 12h or so. Also, if you do not get a nice, fat drop of blood it seems to screw up the results. If the drop is thin and spread out and you try to “sweep it up” with the strip, it can give weird results. I think mine is called “good life”. I had one day where I checked it at home right after at a doctor and it was within 0.2 mg/DL. A few times, I have done back-to-back and gotten pretty close numbers. Also, checked mine and someone else’s back to back and have shown that a non-gout person can be very low compared to mine (I was starting to wonder if mine read the same number all of the time – no luck). I am going to guess that taking it every day is overkill and can be disappointing, but I have been doing it anyway, trying to learn the effects. For the last 5 months I have drastically changed my eating and drinking habits and started taking supplements. I would say it is a very slow process, but since Oct – no real flare ups. It had been almost 3 years since my first and only “big toe” flare up (which I wrote off as an injury) and my huge flare up in every joint, plus a kidney stone and 5 lumps showing up on my leg. That big flare up was 5 months ago and as far as I know is my second and currently last bout. I am not a doc, and as Keith says, some people can go years between flare ups with no effort at all, so I would not place any merit in my results as far as saying something works or doesn’t work. If going vegetarian and eliminating almost all alcohol doesn’t keep me in the clear, I am definitely going to go the prescription route next.