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Thanks Keith very much for the thoughtful reply and subsequent article which directly addresses my issue. Again I am recovering from a mild flare up which I recovered from Feb 13/16 and which initiated on Feb 10 and was focused on my right big toe although it did not seem to really settle into any of the joints there, it almost seemed as if it was really settled on the side tissue of the right big toe if that makes any sense. Leading up to that flare up I was trying to reduce to 1 tablet, 0.6 mg, daily and within 4-5 days of that reduction a flare up. Over the flare up period I was taking 4 tablets daily, unfortunately, which I will abstain from from here on in. Five years previous to that when I first actually started taking colchicine for gout I was told to take a tablet every 2 hours until diarrhea (ugh!) resulted. At those times I can’t begin to estimate what my actual dosage was, only to say it was a lot. In September of 2014 I was told by a pharmacist that advice was no longer valid and only to take 2 tablets upon flare up and one more in 2 hours and no more within 24 hours as it is basically useless beyond that.

From reading your article you have just posted there is possibly one thing that I maybe doing wrong in dosage and that is taking colchicine in the morning as opposed to before bedtime as you recommend. I am going to start today dosing at bedtime and again work towards reducing my colchicine intake, ideally towards zero at some point.

As stated earlier in another post I had my first flare up at the age of 30, so I have suffered with gout for nearly 17 years now and up until very recently had never had a correct diagnosis from any doctor and I have found that the doctors I have had in Canada here don’t seem to be overly knowledgeable on the affliction. Within the three months of taking daily allopurinol I have definitely noticed great improvement and I am thinking that after suffering with gout over that many years without correct treatment my recovery will be a little longer than some. Thanks again for your input Keith, it is greatly appreciated.