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I don’t recognize the side effects you mention but I might have misattributed “urge to drink water” to stress and/or inflammation when it’s actually a colchicine side effect. Drinking water is healthy anyway.
I might also have shrugged off slight headaches.

I’d put the side effects I experienced in two categories:
-weird initial side effects
-dose-dependent gastrointestinal side effects and liver stress
The second category does not go away quickly even if the dose is lowered and and should not be triggered by a single pill. It seems I typically need to take quite a lot of colchicine before such effects become noticable. These are potentially serious side effects and I’ve been told to see them as a hint that I might be taking too much colchicine.
The first category though, I can get that on the first pill especially if I take a full 1.0 mg (I often cut these pills in half and spread the intake over time). In fact, I often get them only on the first pill after a while off colchicine. The most noticeable side effects in that category are itching eyes and feeling like I’ve got a slight fever. But I got other seemingly nonsensical and harmless side effects which go away on their own within hours to a day even in the face of dose increases.