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Gout Patient

So I finally had my uric acid level tested on February 4/16 and much to my delight I have gone from a level of 416 umol to 249 umol in the course of taking 300 mg daily of allopurinol since November 11/15. As I told my doctor last week what really seems to be keeping me flexible and pain free in this treatment is taking 1.6 mg daily of colchicine. I have in the past few weeks tried to abstain from taking any colchicine and then get a mild flare up, take 2 tablets of colchicine daily again and within a couple of days back to healthy. So my doctor is trying to wean me down on colchicine,which I agree with, I am not a big fan of any long term medication but my question is this, what would be the long term effect of taking daily colchicine anyways? It is an ancient, naturally derived pharmaceutical that has been used since the times of ancient Greek civilization, apparently, so would it be damaging to take a low dosage for the rest of my living days? I understand that it reduces your white blood cell count and not a whole lot is known about it. I am very thankful that I don’t live in the U.S. as what the FDA has allowed to happen to this very effective treatment is criminal, to say the least.