2 years now under control….?

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    Bob Bertles
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    Hi I posted before, about 1/12 month ago about having continuous serious flare ups when taking 400 mg of Allopurinol and a uric acid level of 4.5ish. I have good news to report..as I posted before for about 2 years on Allopurinol my gout was not getting better. I had cut out red meat, alcohol, high fructose corn syrup, as instructed, with no results. My Rheumatologist decided she wanted to get my 4.5ish uric acid even lower to stop the attacks and wanted me to switch my treatment to Uloric. I needed to switch to her prescribed dosage of 80mg Uloric when my flare up stopped in about a week…well I couldn’t remember when I had a 1 week break from a gout attack and continued to take 400mg Allopurinol. I was nervous about switching to Uloric because of the side effects it could have…I was ok on Allopurinol and side effects, regular check did not show any signs of liver or kidney problems. I took it upon myself to continue to search here and on the rest of the internet for a suggestion for stopping the flare ups and pain. I had already cut out the bad food in my diet. I found a couple posts stating they had to completely cut out sugar…any type of fructose even fruit…totally stop eating any form of it even white flour and white rice that turns to sugar, ok I did. After the prednisone and advil got me through the current gout attack and anticipating in a couple days another would set in, the third and fourth day and so on, no pain. I took the leap and switched to prescribed Uloric (very expensive) at 80mg and 5mg prednisone and 6mg of colchicine daily since the Uloric could stir up some left over uric acid and lead to gout attacks, and was instructed to get my blood work up two weeks after taking Uloric. Incredibly I had not had an attack for three weeks. I had my blood work done and my uric acid level was the same 4.5 and liver and kidney levels were ok…hmmmm..My Dr. apt to follow up on this, I shared my sugar withdrawl and the fact my gout had stopped when I quit all fructose and what would turn into fructose/sugar. She decided she still wanted to get my uric acid level down upped my Uloric to 120mg daily continue and to stay off sugar for now. That is the regiment I am on now, still taking 5mg prednisone 6mg colchicine with no gout for almost 2 months!!! I guess I just wanted to share what I think stopped my gout and it is SUGAR or it just took 2 years to clean my system out of excess uric acid (rare). I just wanted to share a frustrated gout sufferers story that may help someone who has it bad!! God Bless!

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    Keith Taylor
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    Thanks Bob. It’s great to know you have finally got your gout under control.

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