Abstinence and Gout

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    South India Gout Sufferer

    I found your page, What Gout Foods Can I Eat, helpful. But I would like to add:

    As a one-off gout sufferer (SO FAR), I have taken a complete abstinence approach to reducing my Uric Acid level.
    – Zero Non-Veg
    – Zero Alcohol (including wine)
    – Zero Sugar (even if it means consuming the dubious sugar alternatives)
    And plenty of water. Cherry is not available in my part of the country (southern India), so I can’t take it. But it is easy to (culturally) be a vegetarian and a teetotaler.
    Now coming to the content in the page, I would propose to highlight the ABSTINENCE MANTRA at the top. And then tell the reader If you can’t accept the mantra for reasons such as craving or cultural, read on….just a suggestion….
    I like and thank your initiatives. Great effort…
    I have a suggestion though. I would like to see a category which gives the latest of your writings at the top.

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    d q
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    OP, in future please post suggestions like this in the GoutPal Suggestion Box located here

    @keith – marked for possible move to Suggestion Box Forum..?

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