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    I’m currently on 200ml of allopurinol which according to my last couple of blood tests has kept my uric acid levels around 280-300 µmol/L, just inside the so called ‘safe zone’, (though I have felt the odd twinge when having an excessive weekend food/drink wise).
    I’m off on holiday next week and was wondering if their would be any adverse effects if I was to up my dosage to 300ml per day to counter the extra beer and high purine meat/ food I will be having? then obviuosly return to my 200ml dose when I return to my normal diet, thanks in advance

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    In principle, a doctor ought to approve dose changes or at least your plans to adjust your dose on your own.
    But increasing your dose for one week is of course less risky than to stick to the increased dose for months on end. And increasing your dose to 250mg would obviously be less risky than increasing it to 300mg.
    It’s important that the potentially serious side effects of allopurinol be monitored. It’s known to affect the liver and kidneys but it also affects other important stuff in less common cases. Tests are often done before increasing the dose. But if you already had tests since you’ve been taking 200mg, that may be sufficient.
    If you are aware of and understand all your medical issues as well as your test results, you might decide to take it upon yourself to adjust your dose. But if you have any doubts, best see a doctor first.

    Until the uric acid deposits are flushed from your system, you can have serious attacks while in the “safe zone”, especially if you’ve only recently started allopurinol.
    If you’ve only recently started allopurinol, you might want to take colchicine or some other drug that helps prevent gout attacks during your holiday.
    If on the other hand you’ve been on allopurinol for a long time, drinking beer in moderation and eating meat for a few days should be harmless and you need not take any special precaution such as taking a bit more allopurinol.

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    Thanks for the reply that all makes sense , I’ve been on allopurinol for 10 months now so think the little twinges I get could still be uric acid deposits desolving , think I will just up my dose by 50ml per day for the week to be on the safe side, thanks again

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    Hi Dean,

    I’m surprising myself here by advising caution in increasing your allopurinol dose. Because I’m a firm believer in high allopurinol dose until you have gone 6 months without any acute gout symptoms. But I also know this has to be done in a controlled manner with adequate blood tests and pain relief management.

    The flares you are experiencing during your early stages of allopurinol treatment are not related to current purine intake. Because the food that triggers gout attacks is a complicated reaction involving fatty acids.

    The only short term gout medicine that makes sense is preventative colchicine. So I think you should see your doctor about that now.

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