Am I a ditherer or a waffler?

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    Keith Taylor
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    Let’s say it took me 2 hours to decide if I should ask this in the culture topic, or a separate topic like this.

    In the UK, I’d be called a ditherer.

    It’s been suggested that in the US, I’d be called a waffler. Now, in the UK, I’m definitely a waffler. At least in my circles, it is someone who talks a lot without getting to the point.

    If you are Stateside, what would you call someone who takes too long to make their mind up?

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    I would call that person my wife.

    No seriously, we call them wafflers also. We also call them procrastinators, but that is more for tasks rather than decisions. Sometimes at my job, we call them “Willow Trees” because they sway in the wind.

    Sometimes it actually is better to take a little time to make up one’s mind. Rash decisions can sometimes bite one in the arse (isn’t that a UK thing also, arse?)

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    Keith Taylor
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    Yes, Patrick, I am that UK thing! 🙂

    I’m going to go with Waffler. I’ve had long enough to think about it, and I think it’s the way to go.

    I very much take your point about taking enough time to make the right decision. I’ll be sure to emphasize that. It begs the question, how much time is ‘enough’. But, that’s for each person to decide.

    Anyway, I quite like Willow Trees.
    Weeping Willow

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    Carolyn Poulter
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    Not sure if I am a ditherer, a waffler or a fast decision make, I waffle over little things but looking back I have tended to decide quickly about big things. One thing I have learned, never second guess yourself. Whatever is decided, stick with it, the only times I’ve really come unstuck is when I change my mind!

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