Any interest in gout and topical menthol?

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    This suggestion is prompted by a question about gout and Biofreeze, a topical menthol pain reliever.

    I cannot find any specific information about topical menthol and gout. There is one study that is relevant to pain relief: A comparison of topical menthol to ice on pain, evoked tetanic and voluntary force during delayed onset muscle soreness. That’s related to DOMS rather than gout pain, so totally different pain pathway. But, interesting as the comparison is with ice. We’ve discussed ice for gout pain many times – see Heat Or Ice For Gout Relief?

    As with many other remedies where there is no specific gout research. It probably comes down to personal experience. Especially, that means the part that topical menthol might play in a comprehensive gout pain therapy.

    I’ve found no adverse reactions or counterindications. Except, there is a warning about using menthol where skin is broken. That might be a problem where gout has advanced to the tophaceous stage.

    Has anyone else tried topical menthol for gout?

    Please add your comments below. If you want me to publish more information about the topical menthol as part of gout pain therapy, please mark this topic as one of your Favorites.

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