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      Bruce C. Justice

      I had what certainly appeared to be a gout attack almost 2 weeks ago. Big toe joint got inflamed and red, tender to the touch, and a couple of days of aching like a tooth ache. However it was not super tender to the touch like I have heard about. Had blood tests a week and a half later with uric acid levels at 6.2 (normal). Gout in the family. So two weeks later and the toe is still very sore and not as bad as during the attack but still makes walking difficult especially when I put on my work boots.
      Is this normal and I’m just wondering how long before this soreness will go away.

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      Not knowing what causes this soreness, I can’t guess when it might go away. Anyway, it’s encouraging that there has been some improvement.
      As you probably know, there are drugs which help with inflammation though they would have worked better if you had taken them earlier.

      About blood tests, they have some limitations. First, if you had higher uric acid in the past (for instance because of a different diet or lifestyle), you could have gout attacks in spite of negative blood tests. Second, there’s some noise in test results and so you’ll need to repeat that test and see if you keep getting similar values.
      If you keep having gout-like symptoms in spite of test results such as 6.2 and you don’t have a good reason to suspect you might have had higher uric acid in the past, it may be advisable to see a specialist which could rule out less common causes of joint inflammation.

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